Audit & Assessment

A thorough audit of your IT infrastructure to figure out the pain areas (if any) and provide a range of corrective/preventive actions for optimal usage of your resources

Audit and Assessment

In today’s digital world, your IT infrastructure, networks, and cabling play a crucial role in driving your business to success and help you realize your vision and reach your goals.

Our network audit & assessment services will provide an in-depth insight into your organization’s network with a detailed analysis of network design, usage, and performance. These insights will help you optimize your organization’s network performance which is a must for enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Telecom & Management Consultants team of experts will help you enhance the performance of your existing IT infrastructure and help you review the network designs and determine if the same will be suitable for the new technologies. We will also help you determine the obstacles if any in your current system and assist you in eliminating the same.

Network Audit & Assessment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Studying the existing Network
  • Studying the existing Cabling
  • Studying the details of the IT Infrastructure and existing applications
  • Analysing the Configuration
  • Discussing the Pain Areas
  • Check feasibility of the existing infrastructure can be used with reconfiguration
  • If required propose the upgrade path highlighting limitations of the existing infra