Converged Communication Backbones

Communication backbone is the foundation of the modern-day networks and it converges and smoothens traffic flow generated from different IP enabled applications like voice, video and data in a non-blocking reliable and resilient manner.

At Telecom & Management Consultants, under the communication backbone aspect of our services, we perform below activities:Converged Communication Backbone

  • Design Robust Backbone for Intra/Inter-Building Connectivity using Single Mode or Multimode Fiber depending on the distance which ensures scalability and gives the migration path starting from 1G to 100G Speeds.
  • Plan for Redundancy using Ring or STAR Topology which ensures greater speeds and almost zero downtimes.
  • A plan last mile using CAT6A+ and above cables to support speed; power as per the requirements.
  • Optimize Back Bone Usage with Convergence of Data; Telephony; Video; and other Surveillance solutions.
  • Design Infrastructures using SDN enabled hardware’s and based on the pros and cons go for SDN enabled or White Box options.
  • Design topologies based on the latest trends in the DC arena.
  • Plan backbone speeds to ensure the flow of video traffic in a non-blocking manner and support for future scalability.
  • Utilize POE+ power options to reduce power dependency and cabling for other solutions like lighting; IoT etc.
  • Activate Triple Play with Proper QOS/COS for Efficient Usage ensuring single port facilitates Voice/Video/Data Applications.
  • Use the same H/w for Surveillance/Access/Wi-fi Applications.
  • Plan for stackable platforms which will facilitate hassle-free expansion in Future.