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Digital Transformation is everywhere

Get to know Telecom & Management Consultants before putting your belief in us.

We help our clients to explore the endless business possibilities & opportunities that the currently occurring digital transformation brings. Telecom & Management Consultants bring these opportunities to their clients which helps in realizing the actual potential of their business without burdening them with the complexity & management of the same.

With our services like data security, data centres, communication backbones and much more supported by project management services and other services like network audits and management consulting, we provide the much needed expertise & experience related to designs and project management required for designing ICT and LV solutions in today’s fast changing technology world.

Our History:

Telecom and Management Consultants ventured into the Information communication technology(ICT) and Information Technology enabled Services(ITeS) sectors in 2006.

We began with the basic vision of Knowledge management, IT & ITeS consulting. The industry which transformed the global image of India and also contributed to the economic growth of the country.

Telecom & Management Consultants is proud to be part of the industry which has provided over 10 million jobs to Indians and has contributed to the transformation of India.

Our Vision:

To expand the reach of our business in applicable sectors and to establish ourselves as the fore-runner & renowned consulting & counselling house.

Our Mission:

To provide state of the art designs and deployment of suitable solutions tailored with the consultation of the technology experts ensuring client’s achievement of excellence in operations.

Our Values:

Telecom & Management Consultants is operated keeping the below three values at the core of every task & action carried out by every member of our team:

  • Bringing domain expertise on the table for every project.
  • Liaison with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for analysing technology innovations for bettering solution designs and enhancing serviceability.
  • Knowledge-based project management assuring the best quality end-to-end services.

Our Team:

Telecom & Management Consultants is headed by passionate, head-strong & experienced, Manish Bavishi, who puts his vast knowledge & experience to fulfil client’s requirements guaranteeing quality solutions and satisfaction with the completion of the project.

Alongside Mr Manish, the projects are assisted by Consultants from various fields providing a wide range of skill set and expertise required to finish the project on time and with the highest quality possible.

Our Services:

  • Technical Advisory
  • Project Management
  • Network Audit & Assessment
  • Management Consultation

Technologies Used by T&M Consultants to Design Next-Gen IT Infrastructures:

Technologies Used by T&M Consultants