Fire Detection & Suppression

Design of Fire Detection Systems supported by evacuation announcements using standard-based technologies facilitating scalability, ease of maintenance and integration with suppression and BMS systems, ensuring automated activation of suppression systems.

At Telecom & Management Consultants, under Design of FDS, we recommend:Fire Detection and Suppression

  • Design of FDS using systems and products which comply with the global fire installation standards (NPFA/EN/VDS)
  • Use of addressable fire panels facilitating proper location tracing in case of alarm generation
  • Selection of initiating devices in line with the conditions of the location to minimize false alarms and optimize performance
  • Use of speciality initiating devices with detection technologies if required in the chemical zone; storage areas etc.
  • Based on the criticality and location requirement deployment of Fire suppression systems where water-based firefighting is not possible
  • Integration of FDS with PAVA to initiate Voice alarms whenever a fire is detected
  • Integration of FDS with BMS for monitoring and operations purpose
  • Use of network-enabled panel for downloading the data in the Fire software for purpose of analysis, configuration and maintenance