ICT Infrastructure

Design Scalable, Reliable and Resilient ICT infrastructure (Servers, Storage, End Devices) facilitating end user’s to optimize productivity and achieve business goals using ICT and thereby facilitating the client vision of Digital Transformation.

IT Infrastructure

At Telecom & Management Consultants, under the IT Infrastructure aspect of our services, we perform below activities:

  • Study the requirements of hardware (CPU, Memory, Storage) in line with the software, applications, and processes that will be used.
  • Based on the same plan the hardware architectures for a server, storages with necessary CPU Memory and disk capacities as per the requirement using Scale-out and Hyper-converged models.
  • Used Containers for virtualization at the OS Level or use VMware or Hypervisors as per the requirement of the Clients.ICT Infrastructure
  • Enhance HCI data transfer speeds by using high-speed 100G/40G interfaces to complement the network which is either planned to support 40G/10G speeds.
  • Use High-speed SSD’s designed using 3D NAND in the required form factors to enhance throughputs (IOPS) and QoS and reduce latency.
  • Use Near or far end DR for backup and recovery options or consider the cloud for archiving the data.
  • Deploy Server security software as required for data protection and security.
  • Integrate client devices at the edge.
  • Deploy printing solutions as per the requirement.
  • Deploy DMS (Document Management System) for document archival.