ICT master planning for EIC coming up in KSA Dammam

Position held

Communication expert


Creation of shared converged communication backbone which will be future ready for handling the smart city and service provider traffic along with the design for TR (Telecommunication Room) which will host the service provider equipment and Data Center(DC) (Infra) which will act as DR facility for the TR and also host solution components for smart city utilities like surveillance, smart street lighting, ITMS etc.


  • EIC is being developed in 50 Sq Km and ICT planning had to be done for phase I in which around 13.2 Sq Km of the area will be developed in a span of 5 years.
  • For the same, we designed the communication backbone with the concept of core and access rings.
  • Core ring was planned in a way that it would cater to requirements of phase I-III
  • Access rings were planned for phase 1
  • A shared infrastructure was proposed to optimize network usage. Using multiple tubes separate 40G rings were created for segregating the service provider and internal EIC utility traffic.
  • Using the 40G ring of the service provider the teleco will service the industrial tenants; EIC and utility buildings within EIC by extending the last mile from the access locations. This will bring the internet traffic from the tenant location via the access and core ring to the TR and then it will be routed to the external world
  • The other 40G ring of the would route the utility application traffic to the EIC DC located in the admin building
  • For switching chassis based and stackable switches are proposed
  • For network monitoring of fiber intelligent cabling solutions are proposed