Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA)

PAVA pic

At Telecom & Management Consultants, under Design of PAVA Infrastructure, we recommend:

PAVA Infrastructure

  • Use IP enabled controllers and amplifier stacks to create a non-distributed architecture that will help to minimize cabling
  • Use of IP enabled POE powered speakers to ensure cabling synchronization and device manageability
  • Use of speciality initiating devices with detection technologies if required in the chemical zone; storage areas etc.
  • Integration of PAVA with FDS to initiate Voice alarms whenever a fire is detected
  • Integration of PAVA with BMS for monitoring and operations purpose
  • Integration of PAVA Controller with Telephony facilitating PAVA announcements thru SIP or Analog phones
  • Use of PAVA system for playing light music (one or more source) in the campus as per the approvals