Physical Security (Surveillance and Access Control)

Design Integrated solutions for Secured, real-time, and intelligent monitoring with analytics at the edge along with entry authentication solutions using biometrics and cards with single manageability console facilitating ease of management and compliance part.

At Telecom & Management Consultants, under Design of Physical Security Infrastructure aspect of our services, we recommend:

  • Deployment cameras with embedded IoT security for intrusion and cyber-attack protection.
  • Use of Camera’s facilitating HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) or H.265 for enhancing resolution and reducing bandwidth and storage
  • For enhancing IR efficiency use PTZ cameras with IR that will move in line with the lens angle.
  • Use of Fish Eye camera’s offering 180/360-degree surrounds view in open spaces for reducing the camera’s no. and enhancing resolutions
  • Use of specialized cameras for applications like people counting, crowd management, LPR (license plate recognition) etc.Surveillance and Access
  • Use of VMS which is open-ended has multi-brand integration and API to integrate third-party solutions like access control, perimeter security, parking management and other analytics as shown in the drawing.
  • Integration of access control and surveillance thru common software for better manageability and operational efficiency
  • Enhancement of speed by using processing at the edge
  • Use of NFC Readers for Mobile accessibility
  • Integration Physical and Logical security for single login for all applications
  • Use of multi authentication biometrics for critical locations
  • Use of standards-based next-generation cabling for access control
    Integration of perimeter security and parking management to VMS for single console manageability